Google Ads and SEO working together

You may be asking why do both Google Ads and SEO? Surely just one will give the exposure that you need for your brand?

Don’t forget that paid searches will display above any organic search results so securing your brand search with a Google Ads campaign is important. And let’s face it, two links are really better than one because while it’s great to have your listing at the top of the organic search results – if you bid on your brand you can make sure that you’re top of paid search as well.

If you don’t have a great Google Ads brand campaign, you may find you’re losing clicks to your competitors if they are successfully outbidding you for your brand terms. Getting this right from the start is a tactic used by most of the top brands in the world. They assert their dominance in both searches and ensure they get the clicks they want.

And the same can work for you – this strategy isn’t just successful for the big players.

You may be asking ‘Won’t one link sabotage the other?’ And the answer is not really – the two links will more likely work together to create even more clicks on your website. And you can use Google Ads to be more specific in the direction you want to send your potential customers – a good example of this is sending traffic to new product offerings, specials or promotions.

Bidding on your brand cheap – it’s far less expensive than generic keywords (think 2 cents a click!). A lot of buyers will research using generic keywords but when it comes to buy they’re likely to switch their search to brand keywords – which means you’ll be dominating the search results when they’re actually going to buy something. Paying less for clicks that lead to sales – it’s a win win right?

Still not making sense? Or have better things to do than try and figure this out?

Remember we live and breathe this stuff – and love it!

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