Should your business have a blog? Will it help with SEO? 🤔

We get this question all the time!

If you're considering writing a blog then there are some important questions we encourage you to ask yourself:

1. Do you have the time/resources to maintain a blog? Will you actually keep up with it if you start?

A well maintained blog can be helpful for SEO if done correctly, but a neglected blog with no posts since 2014 is not going to help you, and it's not a good look for your business.

2. Why are you doing the blog? Is it purely for SEO?

If your blog is only for SEO then it will quickly become tiresome and appear inauthentic. However if you're providing information that you'd share with your customers regardless of SEO then it could be more worthwhile if done correctly.

3. Do you understand why blogs help with SEO and how to leverage them in the right way?

A well maintained blog will help they frequency that Google comes back and crawls your website looking for new content, but that is not helpful if the content it's finding isn't optimised for SEO.

4. Are the basics of SEO correct on the main pages of your website?

There's no point putting all your effort into a blog if you haven't optimised your home page. The incremental traffic volumes you might get from a good blog and nothing in comparison to what your main pages could generate for you if structured correctly.

So our advice is to start with the SEO changes that will bring in the greatest results.

Every business is different.