What you need to know about Google reps

📞 If you’ve tried running Google Ads in the past you may have had a call from a ‘Google Rep’. ⚠️

These calls are very deceiving and can be especially dangerous to your budget if you’re new to Adwords. 🚧

These ‘reps’ are glorified sales people and I’ve heard countless stories of them suggesting changes that then cost businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars when implemented.

Here’s some advice and things to be aware of if you get contacted by them:

  • Clicks are not your goal. Enquiries and sales are your goal.
  • Anyone can get clicks, but it doesn’t mean they are quality
  • Google are a business and they want you to spend more.
  • Don’t turn on the content network targeting. The quality of is terrible.
  • Never give a Google Rep permission to make changes in your account!
  • Never add keywords in broad match! Never.
  • Not all site links are necessary to your business
  • You don’t need a 100% optimization score! This is a tactic to make you implement features that make Google more money, not you.

When in doubt ask the rep to send through the recommendations by email.

Feel free to send the suggestions to us and we’ll happily give you our honest thoughts. hello@savvytradies.com.au