Why your Google Ads aren't working

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to advertise on Google, don’t give up. There are many reasons why your Google Ads could be underperforming. Google Ads is one of the most effective advertising methods for tradies, so it’s most likely you’ve fallen into some of these common traps:

You’re Using Broad Keywords
You’ve really got to nail it when it comes to your keywords. Understanding match types is critical because if your keywords are too broad, Google will be placing your ad in front of the wrong audience and this means you’re probably wasting a ton of money.

You’ve Got Poorly Targeted Ads
If your ad doesn’t match the searcher’s intent things will fall apart quickly. Less people will click on your ads and Google will assume your ads are bad, giving you a bad quality score, the cost you pay for a click will skyrocket and your ads won’t show up as often.

Your Landing Pages Are Not Relevant
Google is all about relevancy! You need to have relevant keywords that trigger a relevant ad and then take people to a relevant website. When this happens you’ll kick butt, and when it doesn’t your ads will tank.

Your Website is Slow
A slow website gets penalised in many ways! Firstly you will have worse SEO rankings, secondly, you’ll get a poor quality score with Google Ads meaning higher costs, and thirdly you’re giving your visitors a bad user experience so expect bad engagement and a high bounce rate.

You’re Not Using All Google Ad/Extension Options
There are tons of options to make your ad stand out, and if you don’t take advantage of them you’re missing out. A great at with 3 headlines, 2 descriptions, URL paths, sitelinks, call extensions, callout extensions etc will take up a huge amount of space in Google and is bound to be clicked on. An tiny 2 line ad with none of the extra features is far more likely to be ignored.

You Got Trapped into using Google Ads Express
We see it all the time. Smaller businesses often try to sign up for Google Ads but instead get taken to Google Ads Express. This lacks control and wastes money. Unfortunately, these accounts cannot be converted into standard Google Ads accounts, you’ll need to start fresh.

You’re Letting Google Take Control
Google is all about automation these days, but typically the more control you hand over to Google the more money you spend for poorer results. It’s starting to be hard to opt out of automation so most businesses (even the big companies who have been running ads for years) have opted into more than they realise.

Poor Account Segmentaion
You can’t just throw all your keywords into one campaign or adgroup and expect decent results. A successful campaign takes planning and should have multiple campaigns, many many adgroups with small groups of keywords. If your account doesn’t have a few hundred keywords split out into organised groups there is a problem.

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