What is SEO?

Why do you need SEO?

The simple answer is free traffic. Your customers will be able to find your website when they need you, and you won't have to pay like you would do with an ad. 

Generally speaking website developers do not consider SEO when building a website. It requires a special set of knowledge.

We can fix SEO on any website. Your web designer won't need to do anything.

If you get your SEO correct you'll show up higher in Google and your customers will be able to find you. A small investment up front to get your SEO right will lead to more customers every month. 


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO results (also called organic results) show up in search engines (like Google) below paid ads and the Google Maps listing.


How does SEO work?

Google decides which businesses show based on a complex algorithm. Deciphering this algorithm and knowing how to get your business to show up high is what we specialise in.

To show up in the organic results Google needs to know what your website is about and which search terms it should be showing you for. This is often overlooked, or not considered when a website is built. It is beyond the knowledge of most web designers and not incorporated automatically into templates website builders like WordPress and Squarespace.

Google wants to show results that are relevant and useful, so it is our job to ensure this information is available and optimised. We are able to do this for you regardless of what platform your website is built in.

Google's algorithm takes thousands of factors into consideration when deciding which results to show. Optimising a website correctly takes technical knowledge, analytical skills, creative ideas and great writing skills. We have been doing this for over 15 years for some of the largest and most complex websites in Australia. We are now excited to be helping Australian tradies step up and increase their online presence.


What makes SEO so different for Australian Tradies?

If you are a location specific business offering a clear service (building, plumbing, locksmith, painter etc) is a great and fast way to win over competitors within your local area.

Big players like Yellow Pages, HIPages and Local Search are trying to get their website to show nationwide for every trade type and every location, so they can only do so much and so well in each area. Google will favour businesses that clearly offer a service to one suburb over these bigger websites if SEO is done correctly. 

It doesn’t take alot, it just takes the right changes and some strategic moves. All of which we can take care of for you!


Why is Google the main focus?

Despite the existence of more than 30 major web search engines, the SEO community really only pays attention to Google. Why? Firstly, Google is where the majority of people are as it also comprises of Google Images, Youtube and Google Maps and makes up 90% of searches.

In 2018 Google paid $9 Billion to remain the default search engine on the iPhone.

Google also has the most complex and cutting edge algorithm. If a website is well optimised for SEO to show in Google it will kick butt in the other search engines that usually lag behind.


Our Process

We understand SEO and have been doing it successfully for Australian businesses since 2004.

We also know that this can be tricky stuff to understand, and there are a lot of dishonest companies out there taking advantage of this.

We are 100% transparent, and we do not bamboozle you! We explain what needs to be done and why, but we don’t just dump complicated information on you to take care of yourself. We do all of the work for you!

We get it right from the start and you’ll continue to get results long term.


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